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Back-to-School Night (Henry)

Back-to-School Night (Sarah)

Local Lunch

Films at the Fort (Fort Canning)

Back-to-School Night (Anna)


Big Snail

We met up with this big dude on our walk to school this morning. My ID card is for a size-reference.


I came down stairs this morning to get going on the day and look who I found sleeping on the family room floor. Silly boy!

Bridge Construction

First Singapore Triathlon

This was my first Singapore Triathlon and also my first olympic-distance triathlon. Surely I could have done better if I had trained better! I have another one next month and now that the kids are in school, I should be able to get my training in consistently. One big thing I was surprised about was that the rules seem to be less enforced here than in the US. For example, there was a ton of drafting going on on the bike and no one checked my bar-end plugs. And the course was short. It was also wicked hot by the time I was on the run and they were running low on water! I'm glad I had decided to carry some of my own.

Regular Uniforms + Gymnastics

First Days

There was a slug in the entry-way--eek!

Today was Sarah's first day of First Grade and Henry's first day of Pre-K. It was officially an "alternate dress" day, but these two were so excited to start school that they wore their PE uniforms (it was a PE day for Sarah & Anna).

Anna's First Day of Third Grade

Meet the Teacher

National Day


National Day Show (practice)

Jocelyn's family sent these shirts to the kids.

We went downtown to see the practice show for National Day. Apparently, they do this every day for several weeks leading up to the big event. It is a pared-down version of the show but I imagine they do this so that maybe everyone doesn't go to the actual show? This was enough for us, I think--the crowds were almost non-existent.

Legoland Malaysia

I felt really weird driving into another country without Craig today; I was a little worried at both the Singapore side & Malaysia side that they wouldn't let me through with the kids without a note from him but there was no issue. I might have been less nervous about it all if even Craig had been in Singapore today (he was in Jakarta)! The drive was super easy (we went through the Woodlands checkpoint on the way there and Tuas on the way back.

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