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Jurong Bird Park

One of the many things I love about Singapore is that almost all public bathrooms have a kid-sized sink.

ANZA Tour: The Last Kampong

UN Day (for Primary School)

Sarah & Henry got dressed up in their US-best today for UN Day. (Anna's will be on a different day since she's in the Intermediate school). Next time we move overseas I will plan to stock up on some more proper UN day clothing, I think.

Race Packet

Now that's what I call a race packet!

The Doctor's Note

Sorry, this photo is out of focus, but Anna's ear infection prompted the doctor to give her a note indicating she is "unfit for school."

Clean Up the World

Sarah & I had a great time working with the ANZA volunteers to Clean Up the World today. It's sad how much (and what kind of) trash there was at the beach though.

14th Anniversary

Craig was out of town for our anniversary last week so tonight we got a sitter and went to Sentosa to go indoor skydiving at iFly. It was really fun! I still have no desire to do the "real" thing though--this was exactly right for me (and I'd do it again).

Orchard & F1

I took the kids for a trip down Orchard Road today to check out some more F1 stuff since we won't be going to the Grand Prix (holy smokes those tickets are pricey!).

Mijung, Minsue, Mooncakes, and More

Bug Drawings


The kids were super excited to "meet" Mijung today (they all have, obviously, met her before in Korea but they were too young to remember, I guess! We enjoyed the moon cakes (I didn't take a picture of them?!) and we don't seem to be any better or worse off for ingesting gold flakes, either.

Mooncakes for the Mid-Autumn Festival

I followed the Singapore Expat Wives' (Facebook group) recommendation and picked up moon cakes from TWG today at Takashimaya... we'll share them with Mijung (visiting from Korea!) tomorrow and see if they are good (one has gold leaf?! on top).

(Oh yeah, and Craig & I have been married for 14 years today.)

Small Island/Big Beer

Girl Scouts Opening Ceremonies

I hope the girls like Girl Scouts! I didn't care for it when I was a kid but they'll have their meetings at school and will hopefully make a couple of new friends.

Great Reader + Sweet Siblings

I love when they do this on the walk to/from school.


I was inspired by these flowers that I bought for Anna's teacher today (it's her birthday and somehow I volunteered to be co-room mom?!). The lady at the market said that all of her flowers come from Malaysia and added with more than a hint of disappointment that the only thing Singapore makes is concrete. She was a pleasant lady but this is obviously a sore-spot with her when I asked where the flowers came from!


There is a shuttle bus that Henry can take from the Primary School down to the Early Childhood Center. He has gone on it a couple of times with me but today was the first time to do it alone. He was pretty excited and it's stress-free for me since it is a 2-minute ride all on the SAS campus.

Star Wars Cookies

Thank you, Anita, for the cookie cutters: they were a major hit!


I don't know why, but I find Sarah's new gymnastics shorts amusing.

Haw Par Villa & Wholesale Food Market

Shuttle Bus Rider

Henry wants to try this recipe we found in the back of a book at the library.

Henry decided he wanted to try to ride the shuttle bus from the Primary School to the ECC today but he wanted me to go with him for his first time. He has been begging to ride a bus forever so this is pretty perfect since it only goes across the campus!


We decided to be "daring" and try a new fruit tonight: it was tasty! (Henry refused & still doesn't know what he's missing out on.)

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