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Happy Halloween!

Halloween in Singapore (near the American school, at least) is more American than you'll find in America. The locals come out to experience it as well (which is only fair since we go out and check out all of their holidays!). I purchased 2000 pieces of candy (from a nice woman in the neighbourhood who coordinates a bulk order each year) and gave out one piece to each person who came to trick-or-treat. It was non-stop action! The locals seemed particularly impressed with the jack-o-lanterns and my super-simple skeleton costume. We got lots of pictures with people, too. Overall, it was very chaotic but fun. (I do think I chose wisely and stayed home to pass out candy while Craig braved the streets with the kids--and he had to come home early from work to ensure he could drive into the neighbourhood before the streets were closed off).


Thanks for the hat, Uncle Mat!

On my run: This is at Woodlands Waterfront looking across the causeway to Malaysia. There was a lot of trash floating in the water today.

Henry's completed design.

Sarah's completed design.

Handsome Henry

Little India (ANZA Tour)

Teh Tarik: this guy put on quite a show mixing this up (the traditional way to do it).

Pre-Halloween Fun

Henry likes to "design" the pillows on the couch.

Do they make smiles better than that?


The kids were selling pieces of candy while we waited to go down to see the Deepavali lights in Little India.

Look at that handsome face!

It still wasn't dark enough to head to Little India after dinner so we stopped in for some dessert, too.

Deepavali lights in Little India

Food Fest

The kids had fun at Food Fest today: there were lots of foods to try from different countries, carnival games, shopping, a haunted house, and, of course, a pumpkin patch.

Marathon Club

Anna got up early (as did the rest of us!) to get to school early and put in some extra time on days off to run 26 miles over the past month to become a member of the Marathon Club! I'm not positive she enjoyed doing it but I get the impression that she's glad she did.

Oh Boy

We've created a monster!

VIP Day with Henry

I'm signed up once per month to come into Henry's class and help with centres. Henry mentioned to me that "other moms stay for lunch when they come for VIP day." I took the hint.

Henry was super excited that his class got to go to "the pumpkin patch" and he chose "the cutest pumpkin in the patch!"

Henry discovered he could take a picture of his creations in Toca Tailor; I discovered that I could put Henry in the picture with his creation and he was thrilled!

Anna's UN Day

That's Anna at the far end of the table in the cowgirl hat.

Anna liked this treat so I took a photo to remember what it is!

Sarah's Field Trip to Little India

Allergy Testing

Anna & Henry are both scheduled for surgeries next month (Anna will get her tonsils out & adenoids reduced; Henry will get that plus get tubes in his ears). Henry has chronic sinusitis and I took him to the allergist to see if he could be allergic to something in our home that's triggering the sinusitis. (He was tested for dust mites and, while we were there, cats; since I'm writing this post in MAY 2014, I don't remember what the other two lines on his back are for (the irritated one is the control.)) I'm super stressed out about these surgeries and I wish someone would knock me out until they're over and then just let me know how it went.

Happy Cookie

Can you spot the chocolate-chip-happy-face in the cookie?

Newton Challenge 20-miler Celebration

A plate of nachos from the Hard Rock Cafe was what was on my mind today after my awesome 20-mile race. The rest of the family was happy to indulge me.

Sweet Sarah

Kusu Pilgramage (ANZA Tour)

The kids wanted to check out their Singaporean snacks right away.

Two passengers/four passengers/whatever.

You have to try to hit the bell when you make your wish.

These turtles look kind of sad but at least they don't allow people to bring more to "release" any more!

If one of the graffitied numbers jumps out at you and you get lucky using it, you are required to come back for several years to pay thanks.

The following photos are from my phone and are out of sequence with the above:


Sometimes we hang out outside downstairs while we wait for Anna & Sarah.

Sometimes we go to the library and read books. Henry such is a little sweetheart.

First Troop Meeting

Anna had her first Brownies meeting today (Sarah's first Daisies meeting was a few weeks ago).

Sarah, Henry, & I checked out these birds while we waited for Brownies to get out.


Halloween costume preview! Sarah the Bat, Batman, & Anna the Vampire!

The kids have today & tomorrow off for Hari Raya (Eid al-Fitr) so we had some fun at home today

Sunday Brunch

Clarke Quay

Do You Know the Muffin Man?

The Muffin Man came by our house today; I invited him in for a picnic!

Fall Conferences


Henry is "reading" to me from his book that he worked on in school today while we wait for Anna & Sarah to get out class.

Sarah wanted to pose for some pictures while we waited for gymnastics to start.

Henry has to wait for his sisters to get out of school (he's out at 1:20, they get out at 3) and then on Thursdays he gets to wait for them to do ballet & gymnastics from 4:45-6! He also gets to wait for them to get out of girl scouts every other Wednesday & Friday. What a kid! There won't be any complaining from the girls when he finally picks an after school activity, that's for sure!


The kids are showing off their (dad's) Broncos pride.

The cool mug I got at the little housewares store behind our house. (I love that shop!)


A house in our neighbourhood showing off the Denver Broncos pride.

John Denver in Mustafa's in Little India; this is the shop that the Expat Wives group on Singapore says "if you can't find it anywhere else in Singapore, you'll find it at Mustafa's." It's a pretty incredible place but also very overwhelming and I'll probably never go back!

Minsue with our giant dosa (it's so good!

Henry made this "Broncos" necklace at school today.

Henry likes to make things with Legos to show Craig on FaceTime.

New Phone

I dropped my phone a couple of weeks ago in the school parking lot and finally got a replacement today. It's amazing how much of my life is accessed on-the-go and how it was pretty inconvenient to not have a smart phone to look at my calendar, use the maps, etc.

Blue Tack

Thank goodness for Blue Tack! The kids decided to display all of the Halloween art they've created on this wall. Aiyo!

Halloween Dance Show


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