Ice Cream

These workers (perhaps moving someone in/out of the neighbourhood got some ice cream from the ice-cream-guy, too.

Anna & Henry are tired of cold & lukewarm things so they finally tried some warm/hot stuff at Al Ameen tonight (accompanied by frozen drinks, of course).

Anna's & Henry's recoveries have gone pretty well, and better than I had imagined but I didn't anticipate their food issues being what they turned out to be. They were instructed to drink lots of shakes and chew lots of chewy candy. They hated this the whole time and only wanted real food (of course I'm happy that that's what they wanted but it was difficult to convince them to do as they were instructed for the sake of proper healing! They have eaten a lot of bread with butter & jam but they crave toast (too harsh) or orange juice (too acidic). I guess it just proves the point that when you tend to want what you aren't allowed to have. And who would really think that a 4 & 8 year-old would complain about being told to eat candy and ice cream? I know one of Craig's strong memories from childhood was the orange sherbet he got to eat after he got his tonsils out (and he loves it to this day!).

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