Operation Day

Oh how I was dreading this day! Henry's surgery was scheduled for a couple of hours ahead of Anna's and we also had to get Sarah to a friend's house so she could go to school (and not have to hang out at the hospital all day). I took Henry early in the morning and Craig & Anna dropped Sarah off at her friend's house on their way downtown for Anna's appointment. Henry was amazing: he didn't know to be nervous about his operation so that was the good news. I hated the wait after I said goodbye to him (after he drifted off in the operating room) but I had the arrival of Anna & Craig to distract me a bit.

Anna was calm but I think she picked up on my nervousness about the day over the past few weeks where Henry did not. Henry came out and I went off to be by his side when he woke up and Craig got Anna into the operating room. Henry cried a bit when he woke up but went back to sleep after not too long. I kept waiting for a really horrible fight from him but I think he handled coming out of anaesthesia really well. Once he finally woke up, he was easily coaxed into eating and drinking enough to let him check out.

Anna woke up from the anaesthesia and was very angry and did not want to be told to eat and drink: she just wanted to GO HOME. Finally she accepted that she had to eat & drink before she could leave (and I suspect that the anaesthesia wore off a bit) and she did what she needed to do. Henry & I left first so we could be home when Sarah came home from school (the same friend & mom walked her home).

Recovering at home, one of the first things Henry did was ask to have the volume turned down on the game he was playing on his phone. He acted like he was totally comfortable but did have to be coaxed into eating & drinking to help his throat heal. Once Anna was home she seemed to "get" that she really did need to eat & drink a lot in order to promote healing.

I think Sarah was torn between being relieved that she didn't have to go through any of this personally and feeling a little slighted by the lack of doting and attention required to take care of a kid that didn't have surgery that morning.

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