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Post Office

[add photo once I edit the address off of the box!]

I had some nice help at the post office today mailing random packages back to the US.

ABC: Day 9

Craig took Anita, Brian, & Corrine to Melaka today and didn't bring a camera! I'll try to post Anita's iPhone pictures here.

Art Exhibit

The kids did these napkin & marker art pieces a while ago in the apartment (maybe November!) and they had "art galleries" in their rooms and explained each piece to us. I couldn't get them down off of the windows without destroying them, unfortunately, so I took pictures to remember them. I love this kind of stuff!

Apartment Tour

I love this drying rack over the sink! I mean, if you have to hand-wash your dishes, this is the way to go.

Henry, particular, loves that the toilet is rectangular.

Starting Here; Will Catch Up

I really wanted to get caught up with the blog before we left for Singapore but I didn't. I will just get started with NOW and get October 2012 on here when I get a minute. I'll post those entries under the "catch-up" tag and also make a note when it is done.

Wrapping Up

Grandma was getting indecisive about when to leave so we got a picture before it was too late!

We walked to the mall for a ride on the carousel and lunch. The plan was to wear ourselves out for a good rest tonight for a good trip tomorrow.

He still prefers the bench

Sick of eating out, but we enjoyed the lights at the water fountain in town.

Kids checked bags and carry-ons ready to go.

Goodbye: Schools

Henry & his two best friends from school

Sarah & her best friend.

The kids all brought Singapore cupcakes to school today (I was happy to pick up mini cupcakes from HEB! Anita assembled the flags for me last week.)

Miss Sarah is reading to her students.

It's really happening: we have no furniture and the kids had their last day of school!

All Packed Up

He's faking here, but it was a long day!

The movers were scheduled to come today and tomorrow but they got it all done today! These guys were seriously the best/most efficient crew we've ever had. We'll see how much stuff is broken on the other end though before I sing their praises too loudly (there is always at least one broken item). I was glad, however, that I had my mom here to help out with Henry. It's a long, boring day sitting around watching other people work and making sure the right things go and the right things stay!

Chopstick & Clementine

It was harder than I thought it would be to say goodbye to Chopstick & Clementine this morning! They are staying with some friends and we'll get them back (at least that's the plan for now!) when we return. I know that Clementine knew something was up, but I think Chopstick was in total shock when we brought them to their new house. She got out of her carrier and started exploring while he was not going to get out of his carrier. I felt so bad for him! Hopefully the transition goes well for them!


Rachel's family left today and we're getting ready to say goodbye to Chopstick & Clementine tomorrow. There is still a lot to do!

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