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Bottle Binoculars

Henry insisted on bringing the water bottles from CB&TL home yesterday. He had a very specific project in mind for them. Together after we dropped of Anna & Sarah at school and before we drove to his school, we made some very fancy binoculars that will be perfect to bring to Show & Tell tomorrow!

Melty Bead Bowls

We decided to make these bowls we saw on Pinterest today and they turned out great!

Spoon Art

Sarah & I saw some really cool art at Anthropologie last month so we decided to try to recreate it ourselves. I can't figure out where to put it now though so it will live in the "conversation nook" for now.


The kids (Anna & Sarah, especially) were super-excited when they saw I had made these "patriotic" strawberries.

Two Skunks


Nice, awkward smile, Sarah!

Anna didn't want me to get a picture of her in her costume so I distracted them with Halloween grow-capsules.

The girls love their skunk costumes! I finished putting the ears on tonight. I am debating whether I should make one for Henry, too, since it was pretty easy and I have a ton of fur left. However, I did buy him a garden gnome costume from Target that he'd look pretty cute in. I also got him a pacifier that makes him look like he has vampire teeth. Maybe a vampire garden gnome??

Super Soaker

Henry drools a LOT. Anna spit up when she was little and I thought Sarah drooled a lot. I have to double-bib Henry and often his shirt is still soaked underneath when I take off the bibs for his nap. So, today I cut up a terry cloth baby towel and made three double-thick bibs to try and help with the laundry situation (since I double-bib him I have half as many bibs available which means I need to wash them faster). I don't know how well these are going to hold up but they turned out better than I thought they would. Just don't look too closely. The important thing to remember here is that they are keeping drool off of his shirt and chest because he is starting to get a bit of a rash from it constantly being wet around his neck and chest. Poor little guy.

Halloween Preview

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I still have a little work to do on Sarah's costume but she was really happy with it (and so was I). Anna's & Henry's are store-bought, obviously!


Anna designed this skirt today. I have promised her I will sew up the sides so she can actually wear it out of the house.

Gelato Playdough

It was raining today so we we made playdough this afternoon. I used this recipe and I really like how it turned out although both Anna & Sarah seem to have gone a bit crazy with the green food coloring...


Anna has been "Star" for a long time now. She actually changed her name to "Starsong" on her 4th birthday and yesterday she was playing with play-doh and we have a star-shaped cutter. She cut out a star and said she wanted to keep it so she could have her very own star to sing to, hug, play with, and be her friend. I said she couldn't keep the play-doh one but I'd make her one if she wanted.

She requested a "white star" and wanted no embellishments. Of course I can't just make her a star, I have to make Sarah one, too! So, I had some old baby blankets we had gotten from someone else that were fuzzy on one side and satiny on the other which met her requirements exactly.

The girls loved them this morning when they found them and I think they've played with them for more time than it took me to make them which is all I had really hoped for! Anna is sleeping with hers tonight and said, "I love it!" and gave me a big hug. Sarah said, "it's cute!" and then proceeded to sing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" to it.

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