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Christmas Day

We went to the zoo this morning to have breakfast with the orang utans and we walked around a few of the other exhibits while we were there (including a stop to feed the giraffes!). Our membership expires in a couple of days and I don't plan to renew since we're not sure if we'll be here past June.

Gingerbread House

Santa at Tanglin Mall

Henry wanted to look really nice for Santa.

We got to Tanglin a little early so we stopped for gingerbread men & babycinnos (for the kids) & coffee for the grown-ups.

Writing their lists.

"I want a MacBook Air and an actually fancy dress."

"I want a big fat stuffed dog and a bag of Skittles that when you eat 1 it grows back."

"I want a box of 100 chocolates."

1st & 3rd Grade Christmas Parties; Pre-K Pajama Party

The music teachers were playing music for the students when they came to school this morning.

Thursday / Pre-K Christmas Party

Carollers in the Intermediate entryway at drop-off this morning.

Batter & Hives

I don't believe these two things are related, but when you're marathon-editing your blog and you're 6-9 months behind, you tend to take a few shortcuts. The shortcuts I'm taking here are: (1) putting both of these sets of photos in one post because they happened on the same day and (2) letting you know that we took Henry to the doctor, he said his rash is hives and Henry had them off & on until mid-January when they finally just went away. We never figured out why he had the rash but we're just glad it's gone! Henry always maintained that the rash didn't bother him at all throughout the time he had it.


Henry was the only one who wanted to accompany me to see the carollers at the shopping area near our house. I thought they'd be in the square but they were inside FairPrice! We enjoyed it and I think both girls regretted not coming along once we got back and told them the songs that they sang.

Santa couldn't resist picking up Henry for a photo op!

Henry sat on my foot to watch the carollers.

This took up an awkwardly large amount of space but at least we were cold in the store and not sweating outside, giving it a more Christmasy feel.

Henry: Market Field Trip

Henry's class had a field trip to the local wet market (we can walk there from school) today to buy ingredients for the Friendship Soup they are making for their Thanksgiving celebration tomorrow. Henry was instructed to buy potatoes but I think the iced Milo was the highlight of the trip for him. Today was also my VIP day so I stayed after the trip to help with centres and have lunch with Henry.

Friends & Reminders

Henry & his friend Jacob on the walk to school today. Aren't they sweet? Jacob is Henry's first friendship that is mutual.

I saw this wine at the store today and thought of Anita & Brian; it's too bad I didn't spot this when they were here earlier this year!

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