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"Our Song"

When "Into Action" by Tim Armstrong came on the car stereo tonight, Henry proclaimed excitedly: "It's our song!!!"

Morning Teeth & Bedtime Teeth

Henry always says he wants to brush his "morning teeth" in the morning so we've started calling nighttime brushing our "bedtime teeth."

Will the reindeer come this day?

Henry asks every single day if "the reindeer will come this day" and "will it snow today?" Poor kid! We like to pretend it is snowing outside when we look at the snowflakes we hung on our windows. There is a place called Snow City here that you can rent all of your snow gear and go sledding but I hear this time of year is particularly busy. Maybe it's busy all year but it's not something I want to do with the kids on my own so we'll see if we make it there sometime when Craig has time off.

Sous Chef

The instant Henry suspects I might be preparing a meal or snack he is there with a chair and ready to go. He wants to help but also wants to "taste?"


Our town canceled the fireworks display tonight so we let the girls watch the New York City show on TV tonight. This was a big mistake because it just made them realize how much they missed by not getting to go to the live show in town! Sarah said, "I want you to immediately take me to New York City as fast as possible so we are there for next year's fireworks!" She then proceeded to tell me all the things she was going to pack in her suitcase the next morning so she would be ready to go at a moment's notice.


I took the girls for a Henry-free experience at the pottery painting place and we brought Anna's friend and her mom along, too. We also decided to have Anna's birthday party here in March so we are going to have a lot of pottery to display around here! Anna painted Tiana and then helped Sarah with her giant dinosaur. Sarah asked me to write "Zig Zag" on the dinosaur's toes (Sarah has been going by the name Zig Zag since November) and to paint eyelashes on her so we would know she is a girl. I painted a little tea set for the girls dolls.


I often find Sarah staring at our Christmas tree and she comes to me and says, "We have the most beautifulest tree in the whole world!"


The girls never let me do anything with their hair so when they both agree to let me braid their hair today I jumped at the chance. I have no practice since they never let me do it but hopefully they'll let me do it again. Sarah's hair is so straight and slippery I had a very difficult time with it! Sarah kept wanting to call the braids "parades."

Wooda-Wooda-Woh With the....

Another song that Sarah made up but when Anna sings it sounds like she is rapping is this one:

wooda-wooda-woh with the dinosaur day
wooda-wooda-woh with the Henry day
wooda-wooda-woh with the (insert anything here) day


The girls made up a song shortly after we moved into this house that goes:

Henry-ville, Henry-ville
Henry, Henry-ville
We are friends with Henry
who lives in Henry-ville

Mostly they sing it this way but sometimes they change the "Henry" to some other name or object. This is also usually sung while they run around the track from the kitchen to the family room to the dining room back to the kitchen.

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