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Ice Skating

Craig took the girls ice skating and they met up with Anna's friend and younger sister & brother. Anna stuck to skating with the walker or holding Craig's hand; Sarah was brave and tried skating on her own. I will, at some point in my life, post video of that.

I went on an 18-mile run this morning and did not feel up to ice skating. The run was not my best. I had a tight left calf on a run earlier this week and I think I should have worked that out before I did any more running on it!

New Orleans Day 3: Aquarium & Street Musicians

Sarah wasn't sure what to think of the bird inside Cafe Beignet this morning. (Much better beignets here than Cafe du Monde!)

I much prefer Sarah's fake smile to her uncooperative look!

After a sweaty walk, we went back to the hotel to cool off while we waited for the aquarium to open.

At the aquarium! Anna is copying Sarah's old "happy face" that she used to do.

Henry shaking maracas with the street musicians. I've got video that I will post (have tagged this entry with "video" to help me remember. Just getting caught up on the blog now, videos will have to come later). The girls were resting at the hotel with Craig. They had gone out to walk around and to an IMAX show while Henry napped.

After dinner we came back to watch some more musicians.

The girls wanted to be street musicians like Henry had been so we went back to the first group (who had gotten drowned out by the louder brass band).

Baby Elephant Walk

Sarah's tap and ballet class had a tap performance this morning. They performed The Baby Elephant Walk and Sarah said she was "so excited that daddy was here that I forgot to start dancing!" Since I'm so far behind on the blog when I'm posting this I will tag this post with video and make an attempt to come back later after I'm caught up and add the video (and more videos to other posts).

Soccer Star


Craig said Sarah was saying, "Soccer, Texas, Soccer, Texas" while she was kicking the ball around the park today. I've told her she can start playing soccer when we move back to Texas and I guess she is excited!

[Is the video playing kind of funky for you? I'm getting a lot of gray screen. ???]

Happy Birthday Song

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I love how Sarah seems to "get" that this is all for her after she hears her name in the song.

Steppin' Out


Sarah has been standing and taking steps this week but I don't think she knows she's doing it. Today I convinced her to come to me from the coffee table and she did it while aware she wasn't holding onto anything. I counted at least nine steps in a row and she looked so proud of herself when she did it! Look out world, it looks like Sarah is about to take off!

Park & Restaurant

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Sarah getting chummy with the restaurant staff.

We decided to go out for one last Korean meal before my mom goes (we took her to gamjatang earlier in the week). There is a playground at the ferry terminal that I've never taken the kids to so my mom, Anna, Sarah, & I went early to play and wait for Craig to meet us before dinner. This was the first time I've let Sarah go down the slide on her own and she did great! It is a little fast so I don't think she can do it sitting up. (One of the two at our house she can do sitting up but I still hold her hands very lightly because the end is a little wild.)

After the park we went to the restaurant and had a great meal. The food was great but also we were the only ones there and the waitress took it upon herself to "babysit" Sarah for us which was really nice because it's really impossible to contain her at the Korean-style restaurants (no high chairs, just a cushion on the floor). Craig says he wants to go every week but I'm not sure if it was for the food or the child care! Actually the food is really good so he may just get his wish.



Sarah sneezed so I copied her and she thought it was hilarious. Of course her laugh is toned down a bit for the camera but I think I got few good ones here.


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Sarah has been testing out her voice this week: it's pretty squeaky!

Laughing & Raspberries


Of course her laugh isn't as big for the camera as it was for me alone (what made me want to get the camera!) Sorry for the movement on the camera, what was making her laugh was me getting near and far and shaking my head... (The banging noise in the beginning of the video is Anna drawing stars on the chalkboard.)

A new fun noise!

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