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I forgot to get new dry-erase markers for Anna for school so I promised her that Henry & I would make it to Target as soon as we could. (She used a dry-erase board last year to communicate with her teachers during class-discussions and to communicate with her friends as well.) Henry & I made it to Target today and when I told Anna I got some fresh markers for her, she said, "oh, I don't need them anymore." She is whispering to both of her 2nd grade teachers! We are all so pleased and we hope this is the beginning of something great for her!

First Day drop-off

First Day of 2nd Grade & Kindergarten

My big Kindergartner!!

I'm not sure how it is that I have a second-grader already.

Henry was so excited for his sisters and disappointed that it wasn't time for him to go to school, too.

I really thought Henry would be more upset about his sisters going to school since they've been a major source of entertainment this summer. I think he was actually happy to have a chance to do his own thing though!


One butterfly's wings never seemed to extend properly so the kids surrounded it with flowers so it could die happily.

More Butterflies

Butterflies & Mug Cakes

Meet the Teacher

The girls were so excited to go to school for meet-the-teacher day. Sarah was a little nervous and Henry was so much easier to have around this year than last. I think both girls are excited to finally be going to the same school and I think it will give both of them courage.


Trolley to the Carousel

We're Getting Closer to Butterflies

I made Craig move the chrysalides tonight because I think it's almost time for the butterflies to emerge and I wasn't daring enough to do the job myself!

Butterfly Update


We are still hoping to squeeze in one more playdate with E. before she moves next month!


We went for a ride on the Waterway Cruiser today. The girls went with Rachel & Mat two years ago but Henry, Craig, & I had never gone. The kids thought it was fantastic. I was happy it was air-conditioned!


We are enjoying our last few days of summer. It's just another week and a half before the girls go back.

Breakfast for Dinner Night

Sarah chose breakfast for dinner and loved pouring the batter and flipping the pancakes.

Taco Night

Anna chose to make tacos for dinner tonight but ended up complaining of an ear-ache in the middle of preparation. I told her we could have a do-over next week.


We tried out a different pool today and it was really perfect. There was a large 3-foot-deep area that Sarah could stand in if necessary and Henry tried out his floating vest. It was even enjoyable for me!

Pizza Guy

We should have started this at the beginning of the summer instead of the end, but the kids are taking over dinner meal-planning and preparation on three nights each week (each kid gets to be in charge of one of the nights). Henry served pizza and fruit on his first night tonight.

Third Tri

After I had so much fun at the Bridgeland Tri last weekend, I decided to go ahead sign up for the TriGirl this weekend, too. It was fun & I'm glad I did it although I probably shouldn't make weekly racing a habit. Craig & the kids came down to watch this one, too.


These guys were way too cute doing yoga this morning.

George Observatory on a Cloudy Night

I really want this poster but it's not for sale! Wah!

It was members night at the observatory and we headed down even though the skies were cloudy. We heard an interesting lecture and the kids had fun anyway. We think Henry will be able to finally join us the next time we go (in November when it gets dark earlier and we don't have to stay out so late).


There is a Mexican pastry shop just around the corner from our house. Apparently it opened in November. And why is it that I've only found out about it now? It's probably for the best because everything we tried was really tasty!


We ordered a butterfly kit and we are excited to watch these baby caterpillars grow!


No, I don't know why Henry is insisting on going around it just his underwear & plastic covers. Maybe the plastic makes him hot?

Another goodbye today as Haylee gets ready to head of to school, too! We will miss you, Haylee!


(Why yes, Henry is potty-training in those plastic pants!)

We said goodbye to Katelyn today as she gets ready to go to college next week! We will miss you, Katelyn!


New Pool

We upgraded the baby pool to something all three kids can fit into at one time! They love it, of course!


Anna's best friend is moving to Turkey next month and we're all in a bit of a funk about it! We are planning to visit their family though so that helps to take the sting out a bit.


Sarah & Henry were super-duper excited to start gymnastics this afternoon (can you tell?). I am sure the 2012 London Olympics had nothing whatsoever to do with their enthusiasm. They do their warm-up together but then split up into different groups by age/ability and Henry kept trying to join Sarah's group every time he saw her. I enjoyed my one-on-one time with Anna which we don't get very often.

Museum of Natural Science

I took the kids to the museum today after they were kind enough to assist me in dropping off my camera for repair downtown yesterday and we had to come back to pick it up today (the mirror came loose while we were in Colorado and Sarah & I dented the rim of the lens way back when she was two).

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