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Backyard After

The landscaping is done! What you can't see in the picture very well is that there are a ton of plants by the left fence that have been pruned down very low and that there are three redbud trees along the back fence that will screen out our backyard neighbors. There are also several small plants in the two big bed areas that have been pruned back. I think our yard will look pretty good later this spring and summer when those plants have filled out some!

Backyard Before

The landscapers we hired to maintain our yard while we were in Korea were a little aggressive with the pruning of all of the native plants that were in our yard when we purchased the house (trying to not dwell on what has been done since this is very annoying to think about!), so we are starting over with new plants. We've asked (a different landscaper) for native, low-maintenance plants that will start screening out our neighbors and fill in the empty spots. They're also going to refresh the pathways we built in 2003 and put a fresh layer of mulch in the front yard. I'll be sure to post an after picture when the work is done and again this summer after the plants have grown a bit and everything is green.

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