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Tillie: July 3, 1993-January 14, 2005

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Tillie & me, April 2003

I took Tillie to the vet today to be put to sleep. She was diagnosed with lymphoma last week and it was pretty far along. The past few weeks have been tough with the past several days seeing her condition deteriorate and it seemed to be the right time as she was not doing well and was not going to get better. She was 11.5 years old and a really great dog--easy going, great with kids, and always happy to see you and to be with you no matter what you were doing or where you were going. As can be expected, I'm having a tough time dealing with her absence, but I know that at least she is not suffering anymore. I will get her ashes back next week and will find a nice spot to bury her in the yard with a rawhide bone (her favorite hobby was burying and re-burying bones--I have one "buried" in my office right now).

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