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Sarah Elinor Martin


5:00 AM the air conditioner in our room starts spraying water (a.k.a., our air conditioner's water broke)
6:45 we leave for the hospital, it's less than 5km from our villa but it's rush hour and Craig ends up taking the bumpiest possible route.
7:10 arrive Al Ahli Hospital
7:42-8:00 CTG fetal monitoring
~7:50 heplock (really should have taken a picture, this thing was huge!)
8:10 exam by doctor (2cm dilated) and prostaglandins gel injected (must lay down for 1 hour)
8:22 ampicillin allergy skin test (read in 15 minutes)
8:42 check ampicillin test: OK
8:45 ampicillin injection
9:25 begin another CTG; starting to get a few contractions
9:45 visit by doctor: instructed to walk and eat
9:57 walking the halls, Craig starts timing contractions
10:30 walk some more
10:50 back to room for snack, Craig drops one of the water cups from the fridge (a.k.a., the water from the fridge broke)
11:30 Craig hears a "snap" and I announce that I'm getting new shoes: my water has broken (third water breaking of the morning, I'm now calling my sandals "placandals" (placenta+sandals))
11:50 Doctor exam, 6cm dilated and meconium in fluid; will transfer to labor room.

We waited a while (maybe 20 minutes?) for the nurse to bring the wheelchair and then she took us in the elevator to go down one floor and come back up to the floor we were on (she must have had a long night the night before!).

The delivery room was not as relaxing as the recovery room we had spent some of the morning in. Basically the nurses and a doctor sat down and watched me have contractions.

The doctor who delivered Sarah was not Dr. Rizvi and I'm not sure why but I sure do wish it had been. This doctor decided that the middle of a contraction was a good time to argue with me about tearing versus an episiotomy so there I was trying to breathe through a contraction saying, "I've already discussed this with Dr. Rizvi and I'd much rather risk a tear than have an episiotomy." Then the doctor wanted to know why. I'm not implying I know more than a doctor about labor & delivery, but the current thinking at home is to tear rather than cut so that's what I wanted and it is what I did with Anna. So frustrating. This doctor also kept asking if I'd like my epidural now and we kept saying I didn't.

The fetal monitors were really irritating me when labor really got going as the pressure from them was just too much during a contraction and it seemed a nurse was always trying to adjust them. I complained about them a lot and by the end I had ripped them both off out of sheer irritation/frustration.

It seemed like whenever I was getting a break from a contraction, the nurses or doctor would touch my stomach and it seemed to start another contraction. Also the doctor was not gentle with internal exams and when I complained she said, "well most people have an epidural so they don't feel it." If I had been in my right mind I would have pointed out that because I didn't have an epidural, she needed to be more gentle but I just complained (and loudly) each time.

Generally speaking, I feel like labor this time (from 6-10 centimeters) was easier than with Anna because it moved along faster and there was less time in pain. The 2-6 cm was harder this time around since I was able to do that in the comfort of my own home last time but 2-6 cm was still not horrible in the hospital as I had feared. I know I also screamed a lot less this time around and that is maybe because there was less time between 7-10 centimeters but I also really focused on what I had read in the Bradley book my mom sent about relaxing through contractions. Of course the closer it came time push, I was unable to relax at all. This time I had quite a bit of lower back pain during contractions but counter-pressure wasn't doing the trick for that so finding a position that worked (I didn't really feel like I did) was difficult.

The doctor (yes, she really did spoil the whole experience, I'm afraid!) does not have a normal speaking voice and yelled everything. I asked her to stop yelling at me and she'd yell back, "I'm trying to help you" and I (think) I said something along the lines of "yes, I know, but please do it quieter" (I'm apparently terribly polite, saying "please, "thank you," and "I'm sorry" during the hardest parts of labor). The doctor never stopped yelling and I found it really discouraging because I felt like I was being yelled at.

At any rate, it was finally time to push (although I didn't feel the urge until several forced tries into it) and it was such a relief to know the end was near. We're not sure how long I pushed but it was less than with Anna. I haven't gotten details, but I think Sarah's shoulder was presenting awkwardly and that might have been why I had the lower back pain. It is amazing the instant relief you feel when that slippery body comes out! Craig said the cord was wrapped twice around Sarah's neck and that she was blue when she came out. They whisked her away (to the other side of the curtain) to clean her, etc. and Craig stood so he could see both of us. Then we heard Sarah cry and then I got to enjoy delivering the placenta and getting stitched up with not-quite-enough local anesthetic (which I also complained very loudly about and decided that I would be complaining about this doctor to my doctor (my doctor is the lead OB for the hospital... oh why was she not there?!) although I'm not sure what good that will do.

The nurses took Sarah to the nursery and Craig went with while I was getting stitched up (it seemed like 30-45 minutes, at least!). When that was complete, I asked to have Sarah come back to me since they told me I had to stay in the delivery room for recovery for 2 hours and I had not held Sarah yet and wanted to nurse her as soon as possible. After about five requests, the loud OB finally got my request through. Craig and Sarah came back and we stayed together the rest of the time.

Sarah Elinor Martin was born at 2:30 PM in Doha, Qatar, weighed 8 pounds 5 ounces and was 21 inches long. She is amazing and adorable and, so far, is nursing really well. Hair color looks a little reddish to me but Craig thinks blonde. We'll see how it grows in (Anna's was hard to tell for the first several months if it would be reddish or blonde). It is all a little surreal to me and I think it will be until we get settled in at home.

(Mat won the baby pool with Tanya coming in a close second.)

40 Weeks Pregnant


I have gained 34.5 pounds during this pregnancy.

I did have a few contractions today, but nothing regular or time-able so I'm just hoping that at least I'll show up tomorrow a little more dilated and a little more effaced so I don't have to do all the work at the hospital. It's really strange knowing that tomorrow is the day that we get to finally meet our daughter. I am trying to focus on the excitement of meeting her rather than my disappointment/fears of being induced.

We go in at 7 AM and they'll start the antibiotics for the Group B Strep and then they'll start the induction. I'll try to post as soon as I can after Baby Girl arrives but there isn't an Internet connection at the hospital so it will probably not be until after we get home on Tuesday.

39 Weeks & 6 Days Pregnant


Just reporting that nothing is going on. No contractions, nothing of interest. I'm resigning myself to the induction on Sunday (7 AM Sunday in Doha is 10 PM Saturday in Denver) and am trying to think positive thoughts about it.


The full moon didn't send me into labor but when I woke up in the night with my regularly scheduled (3-5 AM) insomnia, I had some pretty major pelvic/hip stiffness/pain. Anna & Anita played and I went for a walk on the treadmill and after about ten minutes things loosened back up and I felt better again. However, I slowed my pace from 5 km/hour to 4.3 km/hour because anything quicker was uncomfortable. I'm not sure if I'll make it back to the treadmill the next two days or not, I want to but might decide that rest is the best thing before labor at this point.

Distance: 1.39 miles
Time: 30:24
8:40 AM

This Week:
Miles Walked: 3.51

Totals Since 3/25:
Miles Walked: 19.44

39 Weeks & 3 Days Pregnant

Since I tested positive for Group B Strep, I did not get my membranes stripped today. We did, however, decide to do an internal exam since last time around I had easy contractions that got me to 6 cm dilation. I am 2 cm dilated and not effaced but Baby Girl's head is "half-way" into my pelvis. Dr. Rizvi said this is different than talking about "stations" as after your first child, babies don't tend to "drop" before you are in active labor. Anyway, I had been feeling like Baby Girl was lower the past few days so at least that was confirmed! I don't feel like there is a risk of her turning around again at this point. I need to keep walking and squatting to keep her moving down though!

We talked a while about the Group B Strep and what it means for me and Baby Girl during and after delivery and I feel a lot better knowing that we are all on the same page. The hospital follows the ACOG and the British equivalent's guidelines so I really shouldn't be worried, but I think it's just being in a different country that makes me more nervous about procedures than I might be at home.

Dr. Rizvi said she was concerned about Baby Girl's size, thinking she might get "too big" if we let her go to 41 weeks so she ordered an ultrasound with the tech down the hall. (I remember last time around, Dr. Reed kept saying I was going to have a "big" baby and Anna was 7lbs 14 oz. I also realize thereWe did get some video of that and I'll post if if there's anything interesting to see.

Here are Baby Girl's stats based on the ultrasound:

  • Heart rate 131 bpm
  • Estimated fetal weight 3829 grams (+/-574 grams) [8.4 pounds +/- 1.3 pounds]
  • and the different measurements (head, limbs, etc.) put her due date at May 4

Based on all of this information, Dr. Rizvi recommended that we schedule induction for when I am 40 weeks: Sunday, May 6 (doctor's due date from the early ultrasound was May 6 and my original due date is May 5 since I am sure of when ovulation occured, etc.). Of course I could go into labor before that (and I hope I do—tomorrow is a full moon!) so I can avoid any complications that may arise from induction but I'm also comfortable with the induction date since I am sure of the dates and know that 40 weeks is accurate and Baby Girl has had enough time on the inside to be well prepared for her life on the outside.

An advantage to getting induced would be that I will for sure get the antibiotics in time (although as we discussed with Dr. Rizvi, it is not a huge deal if I do not get them within the 4 hours before birth, Baby Girl will just need to be observed for a full 48 hours before coming home). The other advantages are the super cool birthday of 05/06/07 and that Anita will be here to help with both kids for more time which will be fantastic.

By this time next week we will be home with Baby Girl: I hope we're ready!

Baby Pool

We're getting down to the wire so get your votes in for the baby pool! (Link on the right.)


It was 90 degrees already by the time Anna & I were ready to get out of the house (9 AM) so I decided to just do the treadmill tonight instead of getting out in the sun & heat. Unfortunately it was little stuffy in the gym so I am not sure if I did any better (I guess at least the sun wasn't beating down on me).

Distance: 1.6 miles
Time: 30:15
7:00 PM

This Week:
Miles Walked: 3.2

Totals Since 3/25:
Miles Walked: 13.81

38 Weeks & 3 Days Pregnant

She flipped! I am so relieved. Now I feel like I can relax a little. I tested positive for Group B Strep so now I need to go read up on what that means for me & Baby Girl. Now I just need to focus on getting this little girl to come on her own without an induction.

I gained a lot in this last week (total gain is now 30 lbs) but my blood pressure was good (104/69). I will get an internal exam next week and also get my membranes stripped. Thankfully Anita will be here and can stay home with Anna for that appointment since today we had to wait an hour and a half to see the doctor. Thankfully Craig was with, but I think Anna is a bit more squirrelly when he is around so that made it a bit harder in some ways.

38 Weeks Pregnant


I just can't believe it when I look at the ticker on this site and see there are only 14 days left until the due date! It seems like the days are really flying by now. I only have a few little things left on my to-do list before Baby Girl arrives.

I have spent the last few days reading up on turning breech babies and c-sections. I'm still trying to think positive thoughts that Baby Girl will turn on her own and have only tried playing music down low where I want her head to be so far (she really liked the music from Baby Einstein's Playtime Music Box). I wanted to try swimming today but the pool was too cold to get fully submerged (they cool the pools here rather than heat them) . I got my belly in but Craig thinks I might have just scared her to my spine... Maybe we'll try to go in the afternoon tomorrow.

Craig got the base for the infant seat installed in the middle seat of the car so we can seat five people in the car while the grandmas are in town and we all want to go out (still assuming Anna will be civil to Baby Girl, of course).

Craig asked Anna who was in mommy's tummy yesterday and she responded, "Baby Sister [name we have chosen]." I am really anxious to see how she reacts when Baby Girl actually moves in with us in the next few weeks.

For now I am compiling questions for Dr. Rizvi about the c-section procedures here and just hoping that Baby Girl has turned by Tuesday's ultrasound (I have no clue how to tell what is what on my own so I don't know if she's changed position at all).

Here to Stay

Craig is back from yet another trip to Korea (this last one was a last-minute thing) and he is staying put! Anna & I were happy to have him back this morning to say the least. He's got jet lag and I've got pregnancy insomnia—all part of the training for some sleepless nights ahead of us!

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