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Daytrip to the Inland Sea

Saturday, Jim and I joined a seven hour four-wheel drive tour down to the inland sea. This was an awesome trip, and truly unique experience... highly recommended for any weekend stay in Qatar. I have to say that I have gained a healthy respect for the off-road capabilities of the Toyota Land Cruiser, and the professional drivers of Gulf Adventures. Flying over these massive dunes, or speeding across the night time desert (with no lights!) at 100 kph definitely tops any roller coaster on the thrill scale. Nothing like actual danger to get the adrenaline pumping!

These pictures don't come close to portraying the stomach churning excitement of the drive, but I do hope that they capture some of the beautiful desert environment.

Bahrain, Saturday

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My departure flight was not until 5:00 pm so I had some time to spend in town. I found the under-construction Bahrain World Trade Center intriguing.

I also went to the Bahrain national museum where a saw a number of artifacts including this stone tablet and geometry manuscript from the 1700's.

Bahrain, Friday


I came to Bahrain for the weekend to renew my visa and look around. I spent the evening wandering around town checking things out. I came across a shop with Buddha and Santa Claus proudly displayed in the front window. I had to wonder whether this juxtaposition was an intentional social comment or merely the result of a mindless stocker unpacking a box labeled "religious icons, fat". As I guiltily entered the shop (I had to at least pretend that I was interested in buying something after taking that picture) I discovered an eclectic array of early nineties greeting cards starring the likes of David Hasselhoff and Pierce Brosnan intermixed with headboard cricifixes, brass dragon sculptures and beanie-babie reproductions. Perhaps all this was the result of an eBay habit gone horribly unchecked? I guess we'll never know.

After my adventures I returned to my room at the Sheraton to discover my PowerBook thoughtfully tucked into bed with a complimentary teddy bear and breakfast menu. I hate to admit it, but I think that this actually made me feel loved.

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