28 Weeks 2 Days Pregnant


3-D with Baby Boy's face on the right.

This seems to be the same picture but without the golden color?

I think the one on the left is a profile and I guess the one on the right is his face from the front.

Can you believe how cute Baby Boy is? We never got a good 3-D face-shot of the girls so I'll be interested to compare this picture of Baby Boy with his little face when we meet him in August!

Baby Boy looks good! He is kicking me a lot! Sarah did a good job during the part of the appointment where I was lying on the table getting the ultrasound but did not want to stick around for the millions of questions I had for Dr. Lee today. (Craig was supposed to come with me yesterday when we planned to go but couldn't come with me today because of meetings.) I did find out the answers to a few questions (and these are as I heard them over Sarah's protesting/trying to run away from me):

  • Yes, I can keep Baby Boy with me after he's born (he does not have to stay in the nursery). But (I need to clarify on this one), he needs to be "observed" for two hours after birth and it sounds like they want him somewhere other than with me.
  • I can nurse right away (before they take him for two hours, I presume)
  • Circumcision is not routine here. (Dr. Lee had a surprised laugh when I said "circumcision." For the record we had already decided not to and I had it on my list of questions because it is so routine in the US.)
  • The Group B Strep test is not routine in Korea. I tested positive with Sarah and have read that after you have tested positive once you need the antibiotics before delivery with every subsequent pregnancy. I need to read up on this again but Dr. Lee indicated that it won't be a problem.
  • Since I have a negative blood type and that is very rare in Korea I need to pay extra to be sure to have some blood available for me if I need it. This I need more clarification on but will be happy to pay extra just in case!
  • August 5 is a national holiday in Korea and my doctor is planning to be gone that week. He asked if I was OK with the other doctor if he's not there. I'm not sure if he is offering to induce me before he leaves but I said it was fine with me whichever doctor is there.

We still have more questions (and obviously more that needs to be cleared up with the "answers" I got) and hopefully Craig can come with me next time (in two weeks) and we can take a tour of the labor & delivery rooms then as well.

Baby Boy weighs two and a quarter pounds and measures 14.8 inches from the top of his head to his heels. I have gained 23.5 pounds and am 8 pounds shy of my max weight with Sarah. I had better slow down a little with 12 weeks to go!


The 3-D ultrasound is amazing!

I think he looks like Craig!!


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